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Videos for Train Hire

Train Hire operates low cost charter trains; here are some videos.

Charter Trains - Baggage cars for groups with bulky luggage

Train Chartering provides high capacity baggage cars as required for its private charter trains. The cars have high security external locking systems and are not accessible during travel.

Charter Trains - France

Charter Train - Southeastern High Speed Train

Train Chartering offers the Southeastern High Speed Train for corporate or pr.ivate charter

Charter trains - Large group travel (UK)

These high capacity trains are perfect for large group and association travel with up to 700+ seats.

Charter Trains and Group Travel in Germany

Train Chartering arranges charter trains, private carriages and escorted group travel across the German rail network. Types of trains vary from modern intercity trains via branded exhibiiton trains to heritage trains.

Charter Trains - Large groups up to 350 passengers (UK)

A selection of trains for groups of up to 350 that can be provided by Train Chartering in the UK.

Wembley Stadium by charter train

Standard Class Trains provide as many seats as possible for the trains that can fit on the short platforms at Wembley Stadium station.

Charter Trains - Standard Class (UK)

Group Travel & Private Carriages to West of England

Train Chartering offers escorted group travel and private carriages on the Great Western rail lines to the South West and West of England.

South West England - charter trains and private carriages

Train Chartering provides private charter trains and private carriages to and from South West England.

Standard (2nd / 2e) Class Charter Trains

Train Chartering provides high capacity standard / 2nd / 2e class trains for charter to large groups, with up to 740 seats. A private train for such a large group is a cost-effective means of transport. Train Chartering also facilitates large group travel on Eurostar for up to 300 passengers.



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